Such an extremely profitable and beloved TV present as Associates was all the time going to ask intense dialogue, debate, and hypothesis amongst followers and critics alike.

Greater than 15 years after his shutdown, the “Ross and Rachel took a break?” The argument nonetheless rages on, and the present’s myriad of theories, myths and concrete legends proceed to flow into.

Whereas among the present’s seemingly apocryphal rumors have been confirmed to be true, specifically that Bruce Willis solely appeared in his Emmy Award-winning visitor position as a result of he misplaced a wager to Matthew Perry – others have been categorically refuted or stay barely plausible at finest.

From supposedly deliberate storylines that by no means had been, to ridiculous fan theories that had been patently shot and weird myths spreading like wildfire via social media, it was collectively the city legends that nonetheless crystallized. within the public consciousness.

It is after all a whole lot of enjoyable digging into what may have been and the general artistic course of behind the present, however followers typically gave these supposed truths much more weight than they really deserve.

The collection finale after all ended with Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) getting off the aircraft to Paris and deciding to reunite with Ross (David Schwimmer), apparently for good.

It was a classically comfortable ending, however because the episode aired in 2004, rumors have circulated that this was not really the initially supposed consequence, and that one other ending the place Ross and Rachel doesn’t have reunite had additionally been shot.

However in a newer interview, co-creators Marta Kauffman and David Crane confirmed that whereas they briefly mirrored on a storyline the place Ross and Rachel’s future was left ambiguous, they by no means significantly thought of – and even much less shot – another finish of the present:

“This isn’t a present concerning the grays. Let’s provide not solely what the viewers desires, however what we wish, which is to lastly see them collectively.”

As for the entire delusion of the alternate ending? The duo revealed within the commentary for the DVD of the finale that they really originated it themselves, lest stay studio audiences in attendance for the set would disclose the ending and the waste for everybody.

So no, there is no darker finish sitting on a dusty studio arduous drive someplace.

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