A scary kids ‘show may seem like it doesn’t exist, but it’s exactly the beloved’ 90s series Are you scared of the dark? has been. A lot of people remember that every episode was equally thrilling and terrifying, and even to this day some of the storylines are super memorable.

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The show is often compared to Goose bumps as both present compelling and well-written horror tales, haunting and powerful. From stories about clowns and ghosts to the one about a pinball machine, there are many episodes of Are you scared of the dark? that fans are still talking about today, and they shared their favorites on Reddit.

ten “The Tale of the Horrible Grinner” (S4, E9)

One fan shared in a Reddit thread that they were scared by the episode “The Tale of the Horrible Grinner.”

A lot of people find Clowns absolutely terrifying, so it makes sense that this was such a well-liked episode. In this scary story, a clown leaves his comic book and comes into the world. The most memorable part of this story is that when the clown reaches people they can’t stop laughing, and it proves that laughter can be horrible.

9 “The Tale of the Pinball Magician” (S1, E13)

The Tale of The Pinball Wizard logo and characters from Are You Afraid of the Dark

Several viewers said they I love the episode “The Story of the Pinball Magician”.

Gary, who is the head of the Midnight Society, tells this story and says it begins with a child named Ross in a mall. Mr. Olson tells him he shouldn’t be playing a game of pinball, but he does, and it turns out he ends up in the game. It’s scary to see that there doesn’t seem to be any of exit. It’s no wonder this episode had such a powerful impact on people. One fan mentioned on Reddit that he definitely remembers the ending.

8 “The Tale of the Unfinished Painting” (S4, E12)

One fan shared on Reddit that they loved it the Are you scared of the dark? episode called “The Tale of the Unfinished Painting.” It is certainly another memorable one.

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The story follows Cody, who loves art but has problems, and she finds an art gallery, the Hunter Gallery. She meets Ms. Briar and sees incredible paintings. Cody is interested in this place, but of course it ends up being a lot more terrifying than she ever imagined. Turns out Ms. Briar has tricked people into the paintings, and Cody lets them all go. Gary tells his friends that Cody was then able to paint whatever she wanted because she had done this good deed.

7 “The story of laughing in the dark” (S1, E3)

the season 1 episode about clowns was also mentioned as a great episode. Josh meets Zeebo the Clown after stealing a clown’s nose, thinking a funhouse isn’t as haunted as everyone says.

The episode takes its title from the funhouse called Laughing in the Dark, and at the end a carny says, “It’s the most fun in the park when you’re laughing in the dark!” Many fans love to see Zeebo the Clown, so this one stands out.

6 “The Tale of Apartment 214” (S3, E2)

The Tale Of Apartment 214 logo et femme de Are You Afraid Of The Dark

One fan mentioned be afraid of “The Tale Of Apartment 214”. In this story, Stacy and her mother, Bonnie, move into a new apartment building. They live in Unit 213 and Stacy begins to notice something strange about Unit 214.

Stacy then meets an older woman named Madeline who is actually a ghost and they start hanging out, which is good since they are both alone. But later, things get grim when she keeps yelling that Stacy broke her promise, and Stacy finds it annoying. Ultimately, Stacy and Bonnie move into Unit 214, and no one knows if Bonnie will end up seeing Madeline as well.

5 “The Tale of Super Specs” (S1, E5)

Another fan of Are you scared of the dark? shared that they like the season 1 episode about glasses. They explained why it was so scary, “The scariest part was at the end of the episode when they are trapped in the dark and a huge pair of floating eyeballs appear, and a voice demonic begins to laugh at them. “

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Mary Beth gets glasses at Sardo’s magic store and suddenly she can see scary things, but she’s the only one because of the magic glasses.

4 “The Tale of the Hungry Dogs” (S1, S5)

This season 1 episode was also mentioned in a Reddit thread as a great episode from the beloved children’s horror series.

The story follows Pam and Amy, cousins ​​who live in the country and the city respectively, who spend the summer together. Pam tells Amy that Aunt Dora’s ghost is around them. After wearing Dora’s clothes, Pam is taken in by Dora’s ghost. As the title suggests, there are “Hungry Dogs” (also called a lot of barking dogs).

3 “The Tale of the Lonely Ghost” (S1, E3)

Amanda and the ghost of The Tale Of The Lonely Ghost in Are You Afraid of the Dark

Part of the fun of watching Are you scared of the dark? got to know the characters that are part of the Midnight Society. It was always great to see them sit around the campfire and tell scary stories, and there’s a good chance that many viewers wish they could form their own club.

Of course, many episodes were also scary to watch, especially when they were kids, and one fan shared on Reddit that they still remember be terrified of “The Tale Of The Lonely Ghost”. Amanda visits her family for the summer and she agrees to sleep in the bedroom of a dead girl who has become a ghost. She sees “help me” on the wall, which is the part of the story that caught the fans’ attention the most. The story has a happy ending but it’s really scary.

2 “The Tale of the Bookish Babysitter” (S3, E6)

Ricky reading a book and Belinda the witch from The Tale Of The Bookish Babysitter in Are You Afraid Of The Dark

There are many urban legends about babysitters, so it makes sense that there is a Are you scared of the dark? episode on one, too.

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In this Season 3 tale, Belinda is an awesome and popular babysitter who begins to care for a child named Ricky. When Belinda knocks on the front door of their house, she appears to be a witch and Ricky’s mother is shocked. Ricky loves TV, but Belinda is reading a book to him, and something magical seems to be happening, because there are real sound effects. Belinda’s face later looks like a scary witch and Ricky is panicked. Ricky then finds himself in the middle of the story while in a medieval tomb. The episode has a mysterious ending as Ricky doesn’t know if it was real or not.

1 “The Tale of the Shiny Red Bike” (S2, E10)

Ghost of Ricky with his bike in The Tale Of The Shiny Red Bicycle in Are You Afraid Of The Dark

There are a lot of terrifying monsters and creatures in the show, and in one episode the ghost of a young boy is just as scary.

A fan posted in a Reddit thread that an episode of season 2 scared them: “The tale of the shiny red bicycle has never left me. It still scares me to this day.” This episode is really serious because it deals with the death of a good friend. Mike is haunted by the ghost of Ricky, his late friend, and he has always felt very guilty that he couldn’t help him.

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