Aaron Carter and his family have been at war in recent weeks and his siblings have even received a restraining order against him! However, it looks like he’s making an effort!

The singer announced that he had sold all of his guns after his brother Nick said he was afraid for his safety and that of his pregnant wife.

Now Aaron is getting the proper treatment but is also getting rid of his guns in the hope that his drama with his brother will come to an end.

Well not really! The star announced that selling the guns and asking for help was one hundred percent his choice, not a reaction to his brother and sister Angel’s restraining order against him.

While on the go, Aaron chatted a bit with TMZ, revealing that “I don’t really want to talk about my family. It’s just not something I want to mention.

He then added: “Look, I sold all my guns yesterday” and showed the reporter that the papers proved it.

Before disposing of his collection, Aaron was the proud owner of a pistol, two assault rifles and a shotgun.

And that’s not the only change he’s making in his life.

The singer also revealed that he tries to stop using so many drugs, progressing to being completely clean at one point.

“ I’ve been gone from Xanax for five days already, ” he told the store.

Looks like Aaron is really serious about changing his life for the better after his family’s shocking accusations.

He had previously defended himself against claims by his brother Nick that he threatened to kill his pregnant wife, Lauren.

“I realize that many of you have expressed concern about me over the past few weeks. What has happened recently does not represent my real wants or needs. I fought fire with fire, something I still have to work on. Some pointed and laughed, but many others showed support for what I was vulnerable enough to share. For the record: I’m fine. I just choose not to be controlled by fear anymore, ”said Aaron.

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