It is common knowledge that when a new head coach or coordinator comes into a team that they are looking to bring their own players from a previous team, or draft players that they think fit the pattern they are going to. use. It couldn’t be more evident when defensive coordinator Dan Quinn arrived to take charge of a defense that is, and until proven guilty, in shambles. First of all, he brought in two players from his old team to play in the rotation and to help teach his defense to other players. After that, he was able to resume the Dallas Cowboys draft this season and bring in players he feels fit for what he plans to do in defense.

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For Quinn, the fun part begins now as he can now familiarize himself with his new defense and take a close look at the players he brought in and how they stack up against players from the previous regime. For the waiting players who aren’t high impact players, they’re going to have to do more work to part with the young talent looking to make a name for themselves and take their jobs. Here are three of those players who are going to fight for their jobs and could be cut, kept or traded.

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Darian Thompson – Cut

It’s not hard to see why Quinn wouldn’t want to keep Thompson safe, last season he was a big part of high school communication errors and gave up many big plays on the field. The Cowboys are looking to solve their problems in high school and not keep players who could become a handicap on the field. Because of this, the Cowboys signed rookie cornerback Israel Mukuamu with a plan to convert him to safety and brought two former safeties from Quinn to Damontae Kazee and Keanu Neal. And while Neal is on the verge of becoming a linebacker, he can come in and play it safe if there’s a need. Thompson could become consumable and also wouldn’t hurt the Cowboys’ salary cap; in fact, they would save money if they removed Thompson according to As it stands, the Cowboys cap for cutting Thompson would be $ 100,000 while they would save almost $ 1.2 million, that’s a nice amount of money they could spend on players who really have a future with the team. It is therefore the cut candidate.

Dallas Cowboys vs. Detroit Lions

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Leighton Vander Esch – Dungeon

Despite all the “whether or not they will” talk about a trade around Vander Esch, the Cowboys are starting to look like they want to keep him for the future. There are obviously some injury issues that come with his roster, but his skill, when in good health, in a defense similar to that of his rookie season could be the reason for the Cowboys’ reluctance to trade the former first round pick. Vander Esch is looking to cash in on a new deal, but he’ll have to show he can stay healthy or risk losing a lot of money this offseason. If Vander Esch can get back in shape, the Cowboys could try to strike a deal before the offseason. This will then draw the Cowboys’ attention to another linebacker who does not live up to the new contract he previously signed at Jaylon Smith. The Cowboys could remove Smith and find a way to pay Vander Esch, then use rookie linebacker Jabril Cox to replace Smith on the roster. It is therefore the maintenance candidate.

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Dorance Armstrong – Retail

Armstrong’s time may have run out on this team. The Cowboys have made it a priority to help the defensive line to strengthen the defensive front. They brought in, via free agency, Tarell Basham, Brent Urban and Carlos Watkins, Basham being a direct competitor of Armstrong. They also drafted Chauncey Golston this year, and a few of the players mentioned above have the ability to play defensive tackle, which makes them even more valuable to defensive coordinator Dan Quinn. Golston and Basham are guys Quinn obviously loves, otherwise he wouldn’t have signed Basham to a two-year deal, or drafted Golston leaving Armstrong to fight Bradlee Anae for a spot on the roster. For Armstrong, who is in the final year of his rookie contract, he will be looking to perform at a higher level to secure his next contract and he has enough game tapes to get teams interested in him if they ever had to. injure in camp or are unhappy with what they currently have on their roster. The Cowboys could step with Armstrong to get a pick or a late-round player in return. It is therefore the commercial candidate.

If you were to play cut, keep, trade for the Cowboys defense, who would your candidates be?

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